Our Mission

  • The Pine Street PTO is a nonprofit, volunteer parent/teacher organization whose membership includes custodial parents, legal guardians, faculty, and staff of Pine Street Elementary School.
  • The PTO promotes transparent, positive communication and understanding among parents, guardians, students, teachers, school staff, and school administrators of Pine Street Elementary School.  Our efforts serve to engage, enrich, and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential.
  • The PTO provides financial assistance to teachers in classroom settings; provides student scholarships; holds fundraisers for school improvements and supplemental educational materials and experiences; and supports school and family social interaction.

A few projects PSS PTO Funded in 2021 and 2022

  • Purchased new art supplies and a gallery wall to display student artwork
  • Purchased an exciting new reading-inspired instrument to be unveiled at the start of the school year
  • Extended funds to every PSS teacher and staff member to help facilitate their unique roles
  • Helped fund the Accelerated Reader Program
  • Helped fund grade-level events like Dr. Suess Day, Habitat Day, International Day, Yankee Doodle Day, and Immigration Day
  • Extended funds to beautify the PSS campus
  • Purchased costumes, set materials, etc for the Willy Wonka play
  • Celebrated the extraordinary work of our teachers and staff throughout the year, but especially during Teacher Appreciation Week

Meet Our Board Members

2022 • 2023 Executive Board

Beth Hray


Emily Lucas

Vice President

Hadley Inabinet


Caren Livingston


2022 - 2023 Committee Chairs

Blair Brown
Book Fair
Jessica Virgadamo
Read-A-Thon Fundraiser
Elizabeth Bass; Kristen Strehlow
Christmas Staff Drop-In
Kelly Bozard
October Teacher Duty-Free Lunch
Mary Grace Close; Katherine Halligan
February Teacher Duty-Free Lunch
Emily Neely; Danielle Goshorn; Lindsey Blanton
Artist in Residence Week
Niki Bagwell
5k Fundraiser/Fun Run
Kate Moore; Brooke Hardin
Good Deed Doers/Rainbow Connection
Kameron Klosterman
Health and Wellness
Caroline McDermott
Holiday Drop-In
Erica McCarthy; Melissa Craig
Pine Street Pals
Ashley Stephens
Room Parents
Lizzie Bowe
Spirit Shop
Allison Ellis
Pine Street Play
Holly Lewis; Melissa Ragan
Teacher Appreciation/Stay Late
Kristin Hamilton; Jesse Horton
Veterans Day Assembly
Megan Tolbert
Meredith Biber